Health Safety & Environment


We are committed to putting safety first and proudly retain COR certification from ACSA. New Lines personnel at every level are responsible and accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work place and preserve the environment of which we work.


Training is paramount in all company operations as it assists in ensuring that equipment and personnel have the right tools and procedures to carry out any task safely.

  • Pre-employment Orientations
  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
  • On-the-Job Safety Training


As the environmental impact of rehabilitation projects become more important, New Line understands and internalizes environmental protection as a core value.  We provide effective, environmentally sound alternatives for the maintenance and repair of underground utility services.

Environmental Benefits of trenchless technologies include:

  • Eliminating ex-filtration that causes contamination to nearby services
  • Minimizing above ground disruption and reclamation
  • Minimizing traffic flow disruption and diversion.

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