Pipe Replacement Services

Newline Trenchless Technologies offers several techniques for trenchless pipe replacement in municipal or main line scenarios, which offer an environmentally superior minimal disturbance option.


CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) offers full pipe replacement with minimal impact and diameter loss.  New Line  offers a wide range of CIPP products and installation processes that can facilitate all types of projects from 3" - 36" pipe sizes.

CIPP can be utilized on all gravity and pressure systems including sewer, storm and water main of all material types.

Benefits of CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe)

  • Minimal installation footprint & traffic disruption
  • Cost effective compared to open cut
  • Diverse product selection to accommodate all specifications


Pipe Bursting is a tried and true method to replace existing infrastructure with HDPE or PVC Pipe.  Along with size-on-size replacement, this technique can be utilized as a trenchless method to upsize existing water, sewer and storm lines as well.  Pipe bursting can replace all types of existing materials and can be utilized on sizes from 3"-36" pipe.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

  • Maintain grade of existing service
  • Can be applied to assist open cut projects seamlessly
  • Trenchless upsizing of all types of services

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