Common Issues

Unforunately, the sewer lines in your home may not stand the test of time, especially if you live in a heavily treed, well established community. In fact, homes that are more than 50 years old are the most likely to experience slow drainage or sewer back ups due to one of the following issues.


Roots penetrating through pipe joints and broken pipe sections


Ground movement causes pipe offset and debris will build-up at offset.

DETERIORATED PIPE (or section of pipe completely missing)

The most common contributor to the breakdown of sewer lines is simple deterioration that causes cracks, holes and joint separation. This allows for the intrusion of tree roots and other vegetation that block the line.

A temporary repair to this problem is of course, to have a plumber auger the line to clear out the roots. Roots that only grow back again. Another limitation to augering, that many people don't realize, is along with cutting away the roots the auger can also take away portions of the deteriorated pipe that allows for more root intrusion. Augering is short term at best, and eventually, the sewer pipe will need to be completely replaced.

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